Our firm Gillson is one of a professional stainless steel fitting and vacuum flange only offering you vacuum fittings but also specializing in semiconductor & vacuum field since 2005 with welded type of Reducing tee , Equal tee , 90° & 45°Elbow , Cap reducer ,instrumentation ball valve and so on with BA or AP grade are available. 
In addition , the extra clean pipe service is available now.

Fully QC inspection , distilled water cleaning , packing in our Taiwan factory with quick delivery service.

Welded way: 100 % penetration with metal filler. 
Dimension: Pipe size (A size ) : 8A ~ 200A , Tube size : NW 10 ~ 50 
Surface treatment: MP , Blasting , Pickled , Tumbling. 
Roughness: Inner Ra-0.3 (400 G) & Outer Ra-0.8 (240G) 
Material: 304L / 316L 
Packing : All packed individually. 
Seamless pipe : Kobe , Sumikin , Nippon , 
Welded pipe : Yeun Chyang , Walsin Lihwa.

Our aim to be two win business by offering best service & quality as well as competitive price.

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